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Seton Academy was founded in 1979 by a group of Catholic parents who, in their desire to meet the academic, social and spiritual needs of their children, found the Montessori approach to be in harmony with their essential goals.  This included sound Catholic doctrine as taught by the Magisterium of the Church for the development of the virtues necessary to lead a holy life.


After 45 years, Seton Academy remains faithful to these ideals and is educating a new generation of Catholic children, some of whose parents were among the school’s first students.

The Faculty


In the Seton Academy classroom, the directress is not the source of knowledge, but a professionally trained and careful observer who stands ready to guide and assist each child to learn through his own activities.  The directress leads children by introducing them to new materials and activities as they achieve greater levels of mastery. 


In subjects in which they excel, children are not held back by the slower pace of a larger group.  In areas of difficulty, a child will receive individualized assistance to overcome the obstacles to learning.  Most of all, the directress enables the child to come to the realization that hard work is not tedious, but deeply satisfying. 


Each member of the faculty at Seton Academy is selected for exemplary character, pedagogical expertise, Montessori training and for her personal concordance with Catholic moral teachings.

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