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At a Glance

  • Seton Academy, founded in 1979, is a Catholic Montessori school in Villa Park, IL    

  • Works with parents of children aged three to fourteen to foster the Faith in their families, complementing the parents’ role as primary educators; 

  • Educates the whole child with regard for spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical needs; 

  • Imparts the Catholic Faith by the Montessori Method, in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, content determined by the Magisterium; 

  • Offers challenging academics and kindles a love for learning, without the use of traditional grading systems or homework; 

  • Promotes respect for others and for property; 

  • Develops virtue through hands-on work; 

  • Encourages development of self-discipline; 

  • Promotes personal responsibility for time management; 

  • Promotes independence; 

  • Respects the nature and needs of each individual child;

  • Cultivates a tight-knit community rooted in the Catholic Faith and built upon the dedication and collaboration of the families and staff.

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